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"Page d'orientation" = "Disambiguation page" on Wikipedia in English, and it seems to be "Särskiljning" on Wikipedia in Swedish.

On the French Wikipedia, they call these pages "Pages d'homonymie" (=Homonym). We did not like this because:

  1. Some children don't know what an homonym is!
  2. A lot of disambiguation pages actually do not only list homonyms, but sometimes other related words (which are not homonyms)

In French, "Page d'orientation" sounds good. It clearly focuses on the goal of these pages: direct (orient) the reader to the right article.

Here is an example of such a page:


If you asked me to tranlsate this idea into a picture, I would say that "Page d'orientation" makes me think of "Lokaliseringsmärken", like this one for example: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bundesstrasse_470_Schilder.jpg

I hope this helps! [-sMiLeY-]

Lorangeo (diskussion)25 september 2013 kl. 22.34
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